When you think you know what good food, hospitality and service is about and you haven’t been to Melbourne yet … well, you better book a ticket soon. For my entire life, I always thought eating out in Berlin and New York can’t be beaten but honestly, I now know better. Almost a year ago, I already published a blogpost about a few of my favorite food spots (find it here). Having been back and living in Melbourne since 2 months now, it clearly needs an update.


Directly off Chapel Street it’s been one of my favorite places to come to this Aussie summer. The service is amazing and by the name you can probably already tell: so is the coffee! I went for a vegan mushroom avocado sourdough, the girls loved their eggs Benedict and pancakes!


… spoiled us! If you come to Brunswick, make sure to get off Brunswick street and hop over here. As much as I love the area, I don’t come here often enough and Farady’s is definitely a reason to go back more often. There are heaps of vegan options, the smoothies and juices are amazing and there’s also heaps of yummies to choose from the bakery. Also, I’m usually not the biggest chia fan but completely demolished this parfait topped with sorbet by myself. Mmmm.


Oh yes! Another secret tip, that is a bit hidden. When we visited, I felt like mostly locals come here, as Hawthorn isn’t really a neighborhood a lot of tourists get to visit. However, getting there is easy and so worth it. What I really loved about Sardi is that they have various vegan options and swaps for almost every meal. Usually there’s not more than 2 or 3 options to choose from for me, Sardi really made it hard to decide though. And I can never decide anyway. Ever. Lisa was super happy with her breakfast board which had banana bread, a mini granola and a juice, Melina chose the French Toast and I went for the Japanese style avocado sourdough. Nothing beats avocado, right?

I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your next Melbourne visit. This time, I chose cafés that are a bit off the busy streets and not that well known, but really worth a visit. Enjoy! x

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  1. 5. Januar 2018 / 4:38 pm

    Gerade gestern hatte ich dir geschrieben, wie sehr ich mich über ein Melbourne Post freuen würde und tadaa!!
    Im September geht es für mich nach Melbourne und ich bin schon so so gespannt auf alles *-* Ob ich mir ständig so mega geiles Essen gönnen kann als Backpacker, weiß ich nicht – aber zumindest hin und wieder auf jeden Fall!! <3
    Ich würde mich wahnsinnig freuen wenn du noch einen Post mit den besten Spots in Melbourne machen würdest 🙂 Mit den ganzen Museen und schönen Aussichten usw <3

    Liebe Grüße und geniiiieeeßß den schönen Sommer!!!
    Pauline <3

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