Since visiting the Portuguese captial for the very first time last year November, I have absolutely fallen for Lisbon and have been dying to return. Luckily, I could sneak out of uni for a few days and repeat my lectures online, because well, a little getaway from rainy Berlin was more than needed. Fortunately, I could stay with my friend Pascal who is doing his masters in Lison (yeah, lucky him!). Because of uni, I was only able to stay for four days, but it was still enough to get my heart warmed and sprinkle some magic in my eyes.

If you know the little travel bug inside of me and have read previous travel posts on this blog, you know that I’ve always fallen for sunny places, friendly people and cities that are alive.


Hike up Sao Jorge Castle and enjoy the phenomenal view over the entire city. There’s a good reason why so many tourists come here, so if possible, you might want to check it out during the week.

Have a chat with locals! 
This is probably one of my favorite things to do at every place I visit. Rather than turning your head away and pretending you were the only person in this world, talk to the people who live in the place you’re currently in. They always have stories to tell you and give you new insights that no travel guide could provide you with.

Walk Around Alfama
The old town district of Lisbon. The streets are filled with local eateries, bright colors and magical old spots. My favorite part of the city!

Go and hunt all the doors. 
That’s probably what I did last time I visited Lisbon and I did it all over again last week (serisously 50% of the pictures on my SD-card are doors). Every single building seems like a piece of art with its unique tiles and gorgeous door frames, so keep your eyes open for hidden beauties.

Take a trip to Cristo Rei
… the Christ King Statue. It’s not so easy to access it with public transportation but the view you have over Lisbon from up there is simply amazing. Last year we rented a car to get to the view point and honestly didn’t regret it.

Take a ride on the tram. 
Make sure to not miss out on the most exciting public transportation system in whole Europe. I did a tour on the No. 28 which takes you through bumpy roads of the old town Alfama. The charming feature these trams add to the city are simply unique!

Eat fresh maroons. 
You can find them being sold pretty much anywhere while you’re walking through Lisbon. Especially now that the days are getting colder (yes, even in Portugal they do), it’s the best snack to have and get your tummy a little warmed up.

Visit the National Tile Museum. 
I probably recommend this museum to everybody when talking about Lisbon. Last year I visited together with my parents and we were simply astonished. There’s so much beauty and historic background to learn about which made us spend an entire afternoon in the museum.

To be honest, the Portuguese cuisine isn’t the most vegan friendly, but you can definitely find something for any taste and diet. My all time favorites are:

The Food Temple offers a very unique food experience – all vegan! You might want to make a reservation in advance as this place becomes more and more popular and not too many people will fit in the cozy space.

Terra is an all vegetarian buffet with 80% vegan options. The menu varies daily and offers fresh, healthy salads as well as dishes like moussaka, oriental cuisine and the most amazing desserts.

Jardim Das Cerejas is also 100% vegetarian with lots of vegan options. The little garden and life music make the visit even more worth it. It’s not the cheapest dinner option, but if you’d like to treat yourself, go for it. The food is delicious and the chefs and staff were very friendly.

Feel Rio was my place to go for an acai bowl (honestly, who can go without acai bowls for more than 5 days? Certainly not me!).

As I only visited for 4 days, I brought limited time and still want to see so many places in this magical city. This is just a quick impression and I hope it can be a little guide for your next trip. Until next time, Lisboa my love .. 🙂

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  1. 25. November 2016 / 11:22 am

    Schön, dass du da warst 🙂 Lissabon und ich freuen uns schon auf deinen nächsten Besuch!

    Liebe Grüße, Pascal

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