isn’t it weird that I’ve been to cities all over the world but in Europe I had never made it to a more western point than Paris so far? When I left the United States last year I set myself the goal to travel more within the € countries. They’re actually so close together and so easy for short trips.
Lisbon was definitely one of my dream goals. And what can I say – so far it hasn’t dissapointed me.

After a few very hectic weeks in Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna, Dusseldorf … I was in deep need of a break. Coming here was the best decision ever!
It’s honestly one of the loveliest cities I’ve seen so far. Its narrow streets and colorful houses make it so so gorgeous. Not to mention all the friendly people who live here.

Despite the fact that I go for my morning run here every day, exploring the city itself is a great workout! Serisously, my legs were so sore after the first day because of all the stairs and hills we walked. It’s litke mountain climbing combined with sight seeing haha! A food diary will be up on YouTube soon!










If you’ve read the whole text I’d like to say thank you and send you some warm vibes and hugs from beautiful Lisbon. I hope you like these first impressions of beautiful Lisbon. 🙂

Melina x

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