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If you’re following me on Instagram you might have seen all the food porn of last Sunday’s brunch at Vincent Vegan in Hamburg. My friend Jil (@jiliciousjourney) had told me so many times about how fantastic their food was. So when I visited her over the weekend, I obviously urged her to go there together.




When we came in we were welcomed so friendly by the staff – everyone seems really cool there and Jil obviously also knew everyone already. I love these kind of places where you don’t only go to get your stomach filled, but also because you just feel comfortable there.


Before we went there I had already heard a lot about all the food options. „Name me whatever and I’ll tell you they serve it“ – and this promise wasn’t broken.
The buffet offered a large variety, consisting of curry, no-egg-salad, different breads (also gluten free! perfect!), various yogurts, spreads like vegan honey and nutella, fruit salad, hummus, chia pudding, brownies, cake, bliss balls, cereal, guacamole, soups, currywurst … did I mention everything was vegan? :p

In addition to that we also ordered pizza topped with pineapple, arugula and FIGS (omg, best combo ever!) and later on pancakes with chocolate sauce … yum! I won’t have to explain to you how round our bellies were afterwards, right?

You can make reservations at . The total costs per person are 14,90€ which, I think, is a fair deal as it’ll keep you full all day. I literally had nothing more than an apple in the evening and still wasn’t hungry haha.
So, if you ever make it to Hamburg on a Sunday and you have a rumbling belly, don’t miss out on their amazing brunch! Really! It’s so worth it!

As always, have a happy an healthy day,

Melina x

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  1. 28. Oktober 2015 / 7:06 pm

    Aww, sounds amazing! Those are the coolest kind of places! I remember how we ate like a milion pieces of sushi in January in Berlin, remember? Good vegan food and great company is always amazing!

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