What a week!


If you’re following me on Instagram and snapchat, you might have already heard that I spent my last week in Amsterdam.

My friends Kristel and Michael who run their own start up company “Your Superfoods” invited me over to help them out with an upcoming blogger event and I was also allowed to take over their Instagram and Facebook (super fun! By that I could spam with even more pics and captions hehe).

Isn’t it just the best kind of environment to work in when there’s people who inspire, lift up and motivate each other? Can you image a nicer place to work at than in an office where people drink yogi tea all day, have banana ice cream for lunch, where everyone m u s t do five minutes of yoga every hour and where you can discuss the quality of spirulina depending on its original country? Well, I personally can’t.


our yummy office breakfasts…


I learnt so much throughout the past week about the food industry and -quality a lot of companies work with. That’s why I’m even happier now to know that Kristel and Michael are so passionate about ecologically, quality and buying organic.

Throughout the week we had amazing Indian cuisine, raw vegan burgers and my favorite: SLA. It’s a very neat place where you can get super good food for a reasonable price (which can be difficult to find in Amsterdam). The menu reaches from soups to falafel bowls to create your own salad (My favorite – basically like a healthy version of subway).

Thanks for having me this week, showing me how much hard work but also how much passion your own business involves .. and thanks for letting me experiment with your crazy good mixes. I had a blast!
Check out the recipes I made either on Instagram or on their recipe blog or get your own mixes to make some superfood goodies. (Shhhht: my favorite is chocolate lover)!

Oh and a good thing: there’s a 10% discount code “NEWPACK” which is valid until this Sunday. And if you now think I make my money with this discount code … Don’t worry. I really don’t. I’d just really like to spread some health and happiness.

– Melina x


… and lunches!


Dinner at SLA!


If you made it all the way down here – thanks for reading! 🙂

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